What's this all about

no moon here

Ankara Full Moon

Hash House Harriers



What to bring

1. Come in your running gear.. or we may stare while you change
2. Don't wear NEW shoes... no more warnings
3. Technology on the hash is frowned upon.. down-downs will be dispensed for violations
4. A fannypack or backpack to carry the following items

5. A change of clothes if you smell bad after exercise (storage may be provided in someone else's car)
6. Bring a flashlight, duh we run into the darkness


What to look for on trail

The trail is usually set with WHITE flour, shredded paper, chalk or anything that lasts more than a few minutes.
Normally*, the marks on one trail will all be of one substance. Sometimes they are not close enough and you will think you are lost... (and you may be lost), or the hare may just be a wanker
Remember when you return to the circle to give the hare an extra down-down.


After the Trail and Circle are over - or - at the "On-On"

Bring money for the 'On-On' after the circle, don't leave your fellow hashers to foot your bill. The on-on is not mandatory, of course, but pay your way, tip your waitstaff, and remember the other non-hashing customers.
Most trails will be A- A so you will be able to walk from the circle to the on-on OR share a cab for cheap.

Do NOT forget a flashlight

Send us an email for more information